About portoconnorwatch.com

portoconnorwatch.com was formed by concerned citizens to join free of charge to establish two way communications with everyone that is interested in maintaining the security and small town feeling that we have all enjoyed over the years. Break-ins and other crimes that cause a community to decline in value depend on a community that does not to talk to each. In the case of Port O’ Connor, much of the community is made up of part time home owners making it even more difficult to communicate with each other.

Another fact is our sheriff’s department has a large county area to patrol for our small sheriff’s department making our homes easy targets for break-ins. We need willing residents to call the sheriff when a suspicious event occurs and report the event back to a Block Captain to share the news with all members. This system  makes it very difficult for law breakers to be successful in perpetrating  crime and provides the sheriff department with the all important expanded reach.

portoconnorwatch.com attempts to help solve  communication challenges by looking out for our neighbor and being the eyes for our law enforcement. We implore all members to report suspicious or criminal activity by calling the sheriff’s department or 911 and then reporting the incident to a block captain who will share the news to all members of portoconnorwatch.com.   The Web Site will also have security tips and other important security information for viewing by anyone using the Web Site address.

The physical changes that you will see to deter crime in Port O Connor are the 35 portoconnorwatch.com signs located all over Port O Connor informing citizens and potential law breakers that our community is looking out for each other. The other is our decal program given to every member upon joining to attach to their front door identifying that house as a member of the”Watch” program.

It is important for the part time residents to join as well  because the part time homes make an easy target for break-ins and the law breakers will soon be embolden to break into full time residents if they are not kept in check. We are all citizens of Port O’Connor and together we can reduce the amount of crime if we Stand Up and get involved.