Arrests Have Been Made

Arrests have been made in connection with the outbreak of break-ins that started in December of 2012 and continued through early 2013. Sheriff Aleman expressed his gratitude for the patience Port O’Connor residents displayed during the departments investigation process. Sheriff Aleman reported earlier this month that two persons were arrested and several others had warrants out for their ar’Corests in connection with the Port O’Connor break-ins.

There are still others out there that want to feed their drug habits with pawning the stuff of our hard working citizens of Port O’Connor. With our close knit community and the new communications tool we will be much better prepared to watch out for each other in the future.  Port O’Connor always comes to the aid of others in need, now is the time we stand up a let criminals know we will not tolerate them breaking the law in Port O’Connor and taking advantage of the hard working law abiding residents.

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