Be Careful When Shopping at Certain Locations in Victoria

VICTORIA WOMEN: Please be careful when walking to your car..there is a Hispanic male, 5’4″, shaved hair, approximately 25 years old driving a maroon older car with totally blacked out tinted windows, that is approaching women with a story that his 7 year old son is hungry and they are homeless, got kicked out of parents house. Wants to buy his poor son a Happy Meal. PLEASE LEAVE IMMEDIATELY AND GET HIS LICENSE PLATE. The VPD is looking for him. He has approached me twice in a week and got away too fast when I offered to buy a burger and not give hin cash. It is my understanding that he has a knife or a weapon with him. I did not see it. But very odd that he approached me at Office Depot and then again at Cavendars within one week. When I called the police they had just received a call that he was at JC Penney’s doing the same thing. Please be careful wherever you are! This report was copied from Facebook.

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Be Careful When Shopping at Certain Locations in Victoria

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  1. This guy approached me in Walgreens parking lot. Backed into spot next to me for fast getaway. I wouldn’t roll window down. Asked if i spoke English. Said he didn’t want $ just needed food for his family. Had been kicked out of in-law’s house. He got mad when i told him i didn’t have any food. Took off quickly. He also approached friend by Target.

    B Sprague May 19, 2013 at 2:47 pm #

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