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Sheriff’s Report

The following criminal activity was reported by the Sheriff’s Office for Port O’Connor: 11/1/2015 Theft 1960 W. Maple 11/7/2015 Burglary of a vehicle 512 S. 12th st. 11/10/2015 Attempted Suicide 708 W. Jefferson 11/10/2015 Illegal Dumping 208 N. Washington Blvd. 11/12/2015 Criminal Trespass Warning 208 W. Washington Ave. 11/13/2015 Theft 111 S. Byers

June’s Criminal Activity

The following criminal activity was reported in POC for the month of June. 6/9/15 assault 2028 W. Harrison 6/9/15 harassment 66 Butler Lane 6/13/15 assault 301 Taylor Ave. 6/14/15 burglary of a habitat 202 Bueno Vista Crt. Sanctuary 6/15/15 wreck Kimberly/Hwy185 6/15/15 theft Sanctuary 6/15/15 theft 155 Burgundy Bay 6/19/15 credit card fraud 209 N. […]

Sheriff’s Report

From June 12th and through June 20th the following incidents occurred in Port O’Connor: 6/12–Theft–Speedy Stop 6/13–Theft–90 Rutherford 6/14–Burglary of Habitation–1402 W Olive St. 6/15–Aggravated Robbery–Adams/Steve St. 6/15–Assault–304 N 14th St. 6/20–Accident–10th/Harrison Please look out for your neighbors and report All suspicious activity to the Sheriff’s office.


Need to mark your calendars. In April, many of our community residents and Neighborhood Watch Members will help and be a part of the clean-up at Boggy. We all know this area is special and important to our community. Plan to participate, tell your neighbors and join our neighborhood watch program, The Clean-Up is […]