Our Mission

portoconnorwatch.com is dedicated to the safety and security of Port O’Connor residents, visitors and businesses.

Our objectives are to:

  • Provide education in methods of crime prevention
  • Raise community awareness of illegal or potentially dangerous local activity
  • Address community security concerns
  • Report suspicious activity or persons to the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Department

Warning! We are watching!


Sheriff’s Report

Thefts and Burglary of a Vehicle are the top crimes so far in June. We need to take back our community from the criminals. Please report All suspicious activity to the Sheriff’s office. 6/2 Burglary of Vehicle 409 S 10th Street 6/2 Burglary of Vehicle 446 S 15th St., #10 6/4 Criminal Mischief 1007 W […]

Sheriff’s Report

The following criminal activity was reported by the Sheriff’s Office: 11/29/2015 Hit and Run 1502 W. Maple 12/1/2015 Criminal Mischief 508 W. Monroe 12/7/2015 Lost Gun Seguin St. 12/10/2015 Burglary of Vehicle 199 Sanguin Dr. 12/10/2015 Credit/Debit Card Abuse 111 Cassie St. 12/17/2015 Assault Family Violence 110 Steve St. 12/19/2015 Criminal Trespass 421 Main St. […]